Was I wrong ??

I'm 19 & I live back w/ my mom I'm starting LPN school in November and i start working as a CNA at a hospital on Monday & I felt really proud of myself, I thought my mom was too.So I overheard my mom talking to someone on the Phone about me so I know this was wrong but I really wanted to know who she was talking to cause she was kinda whispering so I got on the other phone (she has a landline) & I heard her & my cousin talking " yeah she should've did this & stayed her ass home"blah blah & she was talking shit about my boyfriend and how he didn't get me a car & stuff (I had moved out for a year to stay with him) I was so mad what do they know my boyfriend is a dental assistant  he paid all the bills & I worked the only Thing i had to pay was the phone bill I didn't WANT him to get me a car or anything I appreciated everything he already has did and still continue to do & me and him aren't married my mom expects him to break his back for me.. So after I heard them talking and all my cousin was saying was negative stuff before I got my CNA she even told my mom I wasn't even gonna get it cause I have ADHD 😒 I went in there so mad and hurt (I tell me mom everything & she was telling my cousin everything and she is already negative ass hell thats the last person ) and told her that isn't right don't tell her all my business & some stuff slipped out . I said she doesn't even know who her baby daddy is she needa go find him and worry about her life ! It's true but I never meant to say it I was mad. I was really respectful to my mom but she called me sensitive and that I needa take my sensitive back to my boyfriend. Was I wrong for this ?? I felt so shitty she's sitting on the phone agreeing to the crap she was saying when my cousin herself is in a really bad situation.... My mom doesn't help me my boyfriend does he has two cars and one is messed up and he's letting me get the newer one to go back and forth to work and he's getting the messed up to go to work ... And they had the nerve say why won't he just get her a car I mean their not helping me get one !!