Id like to share my story

For some reason I only now feel like I want to share my story. Maybe because I'm being induced soon and have a rush of emotions but whatever the reason.. I and my husband are alcoholics. We have been married for 7 years and always been madly in love but alcohol came to destroy and sadly we were allowing it. In the past few years before becoming pregnant we suffered short separations for recovering time and I myself suffered pancreantitis illness due to the drinking 3 separate times and each of us could of lost our lives, each other and so much else. When we found out we were pregnant we were on about 3 weeks sober and doing well although we had repeated this cycle many times. Id always been told that children weren't an option for various health reasons before the alcohol so when we found out it was a shock. God saved our lives that very day. He knew exactly what we needed and when. He sent is this beautiful Angel and I am forever grateful, she hasn't been born yet and has already changed our lives forever. I will always be a recovering alcoholic and I know that strength can only come from God. I guess I'm just saying that God is amazing and he doesn't make mistakes. Our children are gifts from him and in my case I believe literally saved our lives. It doesn't matter where you've been or how you for here or how much guilt and self loathing I have for the years wasted on an addiction, because God decided I was good enough to be entrusted with his most prized posession to care for...he trusts me with that I I will not let him down! Sending love and prayers to all !