Relationships advice

Hey everyone , ok so I love my boyfriend in about 3 months we will have been together a year. We haven't fought yet, but I've gotten annoyed before and he knew it.

Around back in may I started worrying, really vauge worries like I'm scared that we will end up not being right for each other, or I will mess our relationship up in the future. In the morning I wake up this way, and it comes with me, sometimes on and off through the day.

I know he is someone I can see myself spending my future with, but I am scared, what if he isn't actually "the one"? I am 16 and he's 18, he is graduated and I'm a junior, sometimes that scares me, I feel like trying to make important life divisions even though I feel young, but yet, I would never want him to go anywhere. I also have anxiety, I feel like that might be my main problem. The main worry usually changes from one month to the next I've even worried that I would become gay, or suddenly have feelings for someone else. Just random things like that, its like my mind is making up escuses, am I scared of being close? I just don't know, what do u think?

I want to work for this no matter what. He is worth it, he is nearly perfect to me, he treats me the best i could ever ask for, sometimes i think i might not measure up though❤