Need advice. Not sure what's going on

Brittany • Mom of three and pregnant with our rainbow 🌈

So heres a little background on everything over the last 3 weeks.

I went to the doctor about a week n a half/2 weeks ago to get checked out. Was feeling extremely fatigued and had very swollen tender brest. This was a few days after ovulation, maybe 3-4 days. The doctor said it sounded like I might be pregnant but it would be to soon to tell from urine or blood test. Between a tubal pregnancy a year n a half ago, and a chemical pregnancy 2 months ago, it has concerns when I'm not on my monthly schedule.

My monthly never arrives late after my son was born 4 yrs ago. It's always on time or a day or two early every month.

Well my monthly was due to start today n nothing. N I always start around 6am, it's like a internal clock going off inside me every month. I have No pms symptoms. I almost think if I'm having them, there unnoticed from having my wisdom teeth extracted 6 days ago.

But to get to the point here where I need help n advice is that I'm still having some irregular symptoms for my body that I normally don't have during my cycle. Still have swollen tender brest. Some of the swelling has gone down though. The last 3 mornings I have been feeling sick to my stomach n 2 days actually got sick in the car taking my s/o to work.

I haven't gotten much sleep in 3 days. Typically I sleep 6-9 per night. But I'm on a 2-4 hours a night for 3 days with no fatigue feeling or feeling as if I'm going to fall asleep if I lay/sit down which is really rare for me to be this full of energy.

I started having really sticky/creamy mucus but no discoloration implying implantation bleeding. Took a early response test friday. Results were negative. Tested 2 times Sunday between a dip stick n early response n results were still negative. And again this morning with still no double line.

And I'm extremely constipated. Which my body always dies the opposite a day or two before I start.

Has anyone gone through feeling like this where they think there pregnant from symptoms but the test show negative? I've heard of it before though.

I plan on making a dr. Apt if I don't start within the next 2 days because this is extremely unusual for my body, but again just wondering if anyone has gone through similar issues because I'm starting to feel singled out on this subject between friends who have never had ttc issues