The Sweet Things ❤️❤️

Kayla • I'm spiked out and I handled my business. ✌🏾️
So what are some stuff you and your boo do that are "Your Small & Sweet Thing"? 
Me and my boyfriend has this thing we do (like something small but meaningful) to remind each other of how in love we are. At night when we go to sleep he says "goodnight baby girl I love you" and put "😘💙❤️" and I would do the same and put "😘❤️💙" he's fave color is red mine is blue and when we do this it's basically saying - I put your heart before mine - every since we got together we do that. Also we write these long paragraphs to each other to make the other smile when we're having a crappy day we like to call them "Sweet Messages" 😍
So what is it that y'all do? 😊😊