TTC #1 just starting. hello everyone.

I'd just thought I'd say hello as I'm just starting TTC and its all very daunting and filled with emotions I've not experienced before. I'm in a great relationship and so happy, but ive been single for most of my 20s and 30s, and being 37, I'd almost gotten used to the idea that I wouldn't find that guy and have my own kids, given my age and chances of falling pregnant. I'd even thought about whether to have a baby on my own. But it's all changed in the last year and I've allowed myself to wonder and hope I could be a mum. Now it's a big emotional chance I feel I'm taking. I've just gotten my first period after starting to try. Wow. It's sadness and emptiness. I get how people on this site feel now! I'm glad we are all on here together.