A little giggle for you

Justine • 1st pregnancy! 20 weeks.

Recently my papa passed away. (I'm not in awful shape because of it, he was 88 and in a lot of pain. He died in his sleep ❤) My dad decided to share my hubby and I the first time he met my papa (GFIL, dads pops ran out on him and his adoptive dad died in army) its such a cute story, I wanted to share with you ladies!

My dad was in the Navy at the time when my grandma tells him "I've been seeing this guy. I want you to meet him." (Quick BG: Dad is 100% protective of grandma. She picked some awful abusive men throughout the years and dad usually went to jail for beating the hell out of her abusers)

So my dad gets on his blues, heads to the closest air force base and flies home where his mom picked him up.

I'll switch to his POV to make it easier:

I was standing outside still in my uniform when he walks out and says "Hi, I'm Elmer." I go "Hi, I'm Ralph." We stand there for a bit and he says "well.. You know .. Your mom and I are seeing eachother." I looked at him and just go "....naked?" we stood there quietly before we both started laughing. We never did stop cracking jokes