sharing bedroom with son/daughter ideas

Hi sorry if this is a long post. I'm currently 22, I'll be 23 when baby arrives in February and I still live at home with my mum in her 2 bed house. I have the largest bedroom which is a good size. I currently can't afford to move out and would love to stay living with my mum for a while after baby is born, maybe a year or two. 
Just wondering if anyone had any Ideas of how I can make the most out of the space in my bedroom, eg when baby needs a cot rather than a Moses basket and then when it needs a bed, as i currently have a double bed, need space for toys etc. 
Anyone done this or have pictures of your rooms you share with your child just to give me some ideas of how I can organise my room. 
P.s I'm a single parent to be as the father of the baby wants nothing to do with the baby basically and would rather spend his time getting drunk with his friends. So I'm going through this pregnancy and motherhood alone with the support of my family. 
Thank you in advance x x