can't believe I'm due tomorrow!!

So on the 8th January (day before my 25th) my partner went out on his works Christmas doo and I traveled home from a long day working in London, knowing it was my birthday the next day and my partner had plans for the day i was looking forward to a bath and early night. 
I get out the bath and see sitting in the draw a pregnancy test. I think to myself no it's then end of the day and it's better to do them in the morning I try to watch some telly but my mind won't allow me to! 
I get up and take the test.. Sat on the toilet thinking it's been 6 months and having previously miscarried I thought there was something wrong with me I was just waiting for the standard negative sign to appear. 
No more than 30'seconds after peeing on that stick did it appear! 
I shout in disbelief I seriously shouted and hugged the dog! I called my partner to tell him! He traveled home that instance. Once home we just embraced each other.
I'm now 39+6 weeks pregnant with our first little girl! Where has time gone! 
Hope you enjoy the photos 😊😊💕