need to vent

I feel like my life is all over the place. I just got drop for health insurance from BCBS. My job sucks I have been working here for over nine months and I'm still a floater here at lord and Taylor. I found out that the discounts you use u have to pay back for the past 9 months you stop working at lord and Taylor. I have a lot of credit card debt because of school. I'm going to school right now full time and I have a disability which effects my schooling, working part time, dog sitting, and I'm dealing with my personal life and with my relationship it's really difficult but I want it to work out and I'm hoping it will because of out situation we are in. Sometimes I feel like everything is overwhelming for me and all I want to do is drop some stuff like school or work so it can get easier for me I don't know why life has to be so hard. I wish health insurance was free here in the US.