Can I request to be induced?


Hello everyone ♡. So my son was measured to be bigger than the 97th percentile at 35 weeks and my original doctor was genuinely worried about him getting so big because he knows my wishes for a vaginal birth. He told me that we could not induce until 39 weeks due to hospital policy, so, for the whole month I was trying to induce labor on my own; didn't work. My Dr went off on vacation at 38 weeks so now I have another Dr taking over for him, she pretty much said no to the induction at 39 weeks stating that they "don't induce because of a big baby" but then said we'd get another ultrasound at 39+6 and see how big he is and depending on that we may have to talk about opting for a straight c-section. I don't want to go straight to a csection. But my problem is, if he's big enough that he's a risk and we'd go straight to a csection, why wouldn't they induce me soon so I can try vaginal, like I wish to, before he's too much of a risk? Maybe it just doesn't make sense to me since he is my first, can someone give me advice?

Thank you!