ex wife problems

My SO has been divorced for 4 years and he has 2 kids with his ex. They have a good relationship... I think that they have to good of a relationship. I don't think his ex is over him and now I'm really starting to question if he in fact is over her.. she use to call him and text him all the time and tell him basically every detail of her life.. I'm pretty sure that she still texts him quite often and not about his children. Today I was on Facebook and he tagged her in a video of someone dancing and said some comment like don't take advice from this person and I am just in a stand still. I don't know why he I'm concerned with how she dances still. She wrote me trying to be friends but said that she is still best friends with him and that she hopes it doesn't change. Like to me that is not ok.. I just don't know what to do. Our relationship is amazing besides this. We have been together for 1 year and I'm 5 weeks pregnant.