Trying to sleep at almost 39 weeks is getting nearly impossible. Last night my SO and I ate a late dinner and then had dessert late too bc we were trying to do a last date night at home after he got off of work... Our babygirl will be here Wednesday and he works until then. I ate way too much, way too late last night and literally woke myself up bc I almost threw up in my sleep.. Then all night long I felt like I had to throw up and had intense chest pains and heart burn... Not to mention moving is hard enough when I'm laying down.. My pelvic/groin area pain is so bad now. I barely got any sleep.. Yet my SO is the one complaining.. Omg it drives me insane to hear him say "I didn't sleep either".. I was awake all night in pain! Right next to you too.. I saw you soundly sleeping all night long 🙄🙄🙄🙄. I swear just because he has to go to work and I don't right now, he acts like such a baby sometimes. I'd rather him feel all the things I feel all day and I'll go back to normal and back to work! If only he could experience what it's like being 9 months pregnant.