what infections can my bf catch from me that aren't std's?

I ran out of sensitive wipes for a few weeks so I was stuck with using scented flushable wipes. Every time I use the scented ones they make me very sore and tender down there. Last year I got bacterial vagininosis cause I didn't have any toilet paper or sensitive wipes. I was stuck with the scented ones for a month. Anyways this time I was very sore & irritated down there. Wiping with anything hurt so bad. Now I'm doing a lot better. No idea what I had but when I was really sore my bf & I had sex while out camping for a night (Tuesday), and about 2 days later he had what looked like an extra layer of skin? It was very white. Today I asked him how he was doing and he said his penis hurts really bad, and he can't pull back his foreskin it's so sore. The only pictures online that looked like what he has was the yeast infections for men. The white stuff almost looks the same on the pics online. Is it possible he caught a yeast infection or bacterial vagininosis from me? Please comment, I need help asap. I can't go to the dr and get checked due to having no insurance. But he has great insurance and is able to go to a dr. What can we do about this?