Finally positive OPK and hubby is working 😒

I was super excited about my positive OPK and ready to BD tonight but my hubby has been at work for 14.5 hours and still haven't heard from him that he's off yet. He has a really strenuous hard labor job and I know he's going to be wore out when he gets home. I've been texting trying to get him in the mood but I know he's just going to want to go to sleep. We BD on the 5th, 8th & 9th, didn't last night, and now positive OPK today. I don't want to push him but I'm frustrated that I know the kind of mood he's going to be in when he gets home 😒 hopefully if we wait til tomorrow to BD there's still hope! We're celebrating our 1 year marriage anniversary tomorrow so id hope there's be some BD going on either way 😜 guess I should just be thankful that he has a job and the overtime will be really nice for us. Just had to vent!