terrible relationship

me and my boyfriend fight every single day. literally over nothing and it makes him so mad that he will call me worthless, stupid, a bitch, a whore, and stuff like that. we have been dating since August first of 2015 and for the first month or two it was fine. me him and my best friend used to talk in group chats and have a good time and laugh and normal stuff like that. well they started talking by theirselves on snapchat and on text but mostly snapchat. I tried reading his text messages with her and he snatched his phone away and deleted them. I was shocked. we were so close and I had strong feelings for him. so I went to my friends house and took her phone and read them. the conversation he was hiding from me went a little like this. friend: "hey snapchat stopped working & like what?" boyfriend: "bonerđŸ˜…" friend: "well boners don't last for 7 days" and I stopped there. I gave her her phone back and I stopped talking to her. I wish I would've done the same with him honestly, but I didn't. I'm so stupid. I kept talking to him and we were happy and what not until we got in a huge argument because he was picking fights with one of my close guy friends I've known my whole life. I told them to stop and they wouldn't so I got really mad at both of them and that lead to a break up. he texted my brothers ex girlfriend and told her we broke up and asked what she was doing and stuff like that (his way of flirting) and it broke my heart. he was gonna hide it from me too, but my friend that he was fighting with got the screenshots somehow and sent them to me. this was all in the middle of our relationship. now we fight constantly over nothing. I try to leave so hard but our families are so close and I have to see him every weekend until I'm 18 and able to move out and away. every time I try, he will not leave me alone. I even block him and he *67's his phone  and calls me over and over again. I can't get it to stop and my parents won't let me change my number. I do love him. and I really don't want to. I just want to move on. the fact that he wants me back so bad makes me go back to him and i really need to stop but I'm so attached. I'm not looking for hate I just wanted to rant to someone. all my friends stopped talking to me because he was fighting with them. I have no one. he's all I have. I just want to move on and have a good life without him and that can't happen for me. if you read all of this, thank you and please don't leave hate. if you want to give me tips or advice I would greatly appreciate it.