October baby became a July stillborn.

On July 26th I went to my OB for a normal checkup. Appointment was at 2:30, doctor comes in about 3:45, nothing unusual. I had been very ill before pregnancy and it flared up around my 15th week. I spent the majority of June and half of July inpatient and we had gotten an outpatient treatment plan set up. We spent the first fifteen minutes discussing getting induced at 36 weeks and me coming in twice a week from 34 to 36 to get steroid shots so baby girl could be developed properly when she came. My doctor's office does ultrasounds every visit so we got to that part and doctor said there was a lot of fluid on her brain and he wanted us to go to the actual ultrasound room because the equipment was better We go in there and OB says I want you to meet me at the hospital, which was a mile and a half away, because it's faster than calling an ambulance since it's so close. We get there and they have me change and go to check mine and her heartbeat and mine has dropped to 30 and they can't find hers at all. So we went to emergency surgery. Anasatcia Joan was borna at 4:46 only six minutes after they put me under. They determined that she was gone 18-24 hours before birth. We opted to do an autopsy and that told us that the fluid on her brain was from after she passed away, not before. We go on the 22nd for the genetic test results. I was 26weeks 4days. She was 3 pounds even and 15 inches long. A big baby for as far along as I was. My placenta ruptured and I hemorrhaged really badly and had to get four units of blood and two of plasma and had to spend the night in ICU. I'm doing okay physically and working with my mental health team to try and do better emotionally. I have Bipolar so I was fortunate to have a team in place prior to this happening I wish all of you lovely ladies the best luck and beautiful, healthy babies.