*UPDATE* Real labor? Or BH?

Kepi • Hi everyone! I`m 30, have 2 daughter`s ages 10&8. I`m due October 2 (my husband`s birthday) with our surprise pregnancy! We are all so excited! This is my 3rd HG pregnancy.

I've been having uncomfortable contractions every 2 min. I've been contracting for days, but 3 days ago it was every 6 min. I've timed them this past hour, and every 2 min I contract for about 40 seconds. I'm not in extreme pain though, just crampy. Is this real labor? I lost my mucus plug on friday in one huge glob and had some brown discharge today. I'm 37 weeks today. I don't want to go to L&D and have it be a false alarm. :( I went to L&D Friday after I lost my mucus plug and was contracting every 6 min because I thought my water was leaking. My Dr said not to come back until I was contracting every 2 min, and couldn't talk through them. Or if my water gushed. Well I can talk through these, a little breathlessly, even though they are uncomfortable. :(

*UPDATE* My contractions were not causing any change to my cervix. :( so about 1:30 I got pain medication and they slowed down and went to bed. Thank you everyone who commented and gave support!