boy friends brother

Okay. So me and my boyfriend have been dating for two years. We're 18 and we still live with our parents. Well. His brother moved back in about a year ago, he's 22, and he literally ruins everything! Anytime me and my bf wanna go to the movies, his brother will come along. Anytime we go for a walk, his brother comes, anytime we go ANYWHERE, even the freaking sex store, his brother comes along! Like, we'll even be Netflix and chillin and his brother comes in there and chills with us! It's so annoying! And his brother has no life or girlfriend and all he does is play Xbox and when I'm over on the weekends, we both work throughout the week, I wanna hang with him for as long as I can ya know? 12 or 1 or so. But his brother always comes in at about 10 asking him to go play Xbox with him and he makes me go home 😒