In law drama. Need to vent.

So my husband and his dad's relationship has been rocky since before we got married. My father-in-law divorced my mother-in-law about 5 years ago after 3 kids and 20 years of marriage, didn't try fix it, just didn't want to be married anymore. He married again 6 months later, was married to her for a year before he got a 28 year old pregnant (my father-in-law is a grandfather by the way) and admitted to cheating on his wife for 6 months out of their year long marriage.

Despite all that, we let him stay with us when his wife kicked him out and he lived with us for two months until he moved in with his girlfriend who is only a couple of years older than his oldest son (who is 25) and they have a little boy who is literally only 3 months younger than my 16 month old son.

She has decided that she does not like me or my husband and because of this, my father-in-law is backing her up and told us if she doesn't want a relationship with us, neither does he because he is going to pick her over is SON AND HIS ONLY GRANDCHILD. Also, they have been extremely rude and hateful to us and they somehow want me to send my one year old who has seen them maybe 3 times in his entire life over there alone??

Hell no! Blood or not, I am not sending my son over there without you spending the time to get to know him first. Also, you don't get to decide that you want a relationship with my son but not me or YOUR SON especially not at this age.

Because who on earth is to say that they aren't going to treat our kids the same terrible way they treat us? Or talk crap about us to him? Nope, no way.

You try to fix things with us and maybe if you start acting like a real goddamn father, I can trust you to be a decent grandfather.