advice, please? 🍂

I'm struggling with weight loss. I've done some research and try to educate myself a bit more. I'm gaining weight more and more. I'm the type of person where I'd rather stay in rather than go out. I have pretty bad anxiety. I think gaining some self confidence with looking and feeling my best will help. I've read healthier eating also helps with positive feelings. I'm also the type of person to eat around once a day, maybe twice. It's usually junk. I just don't seem hungry that often, I read where people say to not eat if you're not hungry, and some say eat even when you aren't to keep the matabolism going. I have more than a "few pounds." To lose. If anyone can give me advice on a good healthy eating routine/home workout routine, it would be so greatly appreciated. I'd like to learn some tips. I'm willing to listen and hear your thoughts! 😊