How do you balance it all?

I had to drop out of college back in 2013 when my father became gravely ill and I cared for him for 2 years. Tried to go to community college but he got worse and needed more from us. I moved to Milwaukee last summer My father passed away in April of this year. I got engaged in February and now on the 24th I'm getting married and everyone wants me to go back to school but I love my life and my job (nanny but it won't last forever obviously) and I have no idea what I want to do or work or be but I know I need an education but I already see my husband so little and we make enough to pay bills and then some. I really don't want to crush us with debt. He works 2am-10:30am and I work 8am-5pm- traffic gets me home at 5:30-5:45 and then we are in bed by 8. There's just no room for more! I don't want to sacrifice any time I get to spend with him and I know that's a dumb reason but we get 2 hours together each day. 
I mean what goes and what stays. The family I nanny for says I'm smart and they want me to blossom and will work around my college classes but then that might mean less money or I will never see my husband! College life seems really fun but he doesn't make enough to support us both and I can't make less money or else I can't afford is either. He offered to work more jobs and put me thru college but I just can't ask that of him!