Genetic dr

Has anyone expecting been referred to a genetic's Dr?? I'm 34 but will be 35 when I give birth 2 my 2nd child. It's like I'm starting all over again being my first child, he'll be 15 when I have this baby in April 2017. My Dr said because of the meds I'm on and my age she is saying I'm high risk for now until I see and am cleared by the genetics Dr. Which she also told me if I want 2 know the sex of my child that Dr can tell me just from testing my blood way before a sonogram will show it. So my appointment is 4 next month in Oct 2016. I'm excited and scared at the same time cause I don't know what 2 expect from this type of Dr. If anyone can give me a little bit of clarity I would certainly appreciate it. Thank you!