My sweet baby girls 3 month appointment has led me to complete paranoia. She's measuring great in all areas except her weight. Her doctors are not satisfied with her weight gain. I'm taking her back for a recheck in two weeks and they will go from their. She has had my milk and nothing else. I will say my diet has been a struggle, after my csection my gall bladder went and I had to have it removed 9 weeks pp. I'm better now and food is my friend again. She's a great sleeper and not a cryer. So it has me constantly questioning if she's actually eating enough. Plenty of wet diapers, poops, when she does cry there are tears and no sunken soft spot. I thought she looked great and her little rolly legs and pudgy tummy. They will test her for anemia if her weights not any better. Any tips on anything I can do? I'm driving myself crazy.