In love

I'm in love with a man , we have been knowing each other for 4 years now , and he told me he wanted to marry me he lives in Florida and I'm in Alabama, I speak with him often but I haven't seen him since last year . The last time we made love was last year. Although he tells me he isn't seeing anyone I'm still worried that he maybe... we are currently making plans for me to visit him in Florida week after next. He works alot now so he doesn't call me alot at all ....or tex. When we see each other week after next I'm going to just be clear and straight up with him about everything. Are we going to be together or are we not ? ....Do you guys think just by the information I've told you that he is involved with someone since we so far away , do you think he is serious about loving me ? ... what do you guys think I should do