Pain. long sorry

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So I have this thing with my ribs if to much air gets in them they'll expand and it hurts like hell and really hard to breath. Well I felt a little bit of that going on yesterday night around this exact time so I adjusted and hoped it would stop and it did. An hour later I'm laying in bed with my fiancé laying on my side and it starts up again but feels like really strong cramping but with a stabbing feeling it was in my stomach and ribs so I just breathed through it 5 minutes go by and it's finally going away. So I lay back down and relax again for two minutes and it slowly starting back up, so i got up and walked around thinking maybe she's up in my ribs and that's the problem and then this time it's 2x worse I had such a hard time talking or even moving and so I just go back to my room and sit down and everything seems to be getting worse now it's in my chest, ribs, and stomach and even in my sides, during this time Im in so much pain and noticed it felt like i was trying to push while I was holding my stomach and on top of it I felt like I wanted to throw up but it would have hurt even more to throw up. This goes on for half an hour or so, I tried relaxing, laying down, putting a warm rag over the pain, walking, I even tried going to the bathroom to see if it would help nothing did. I finally agreed to take some medication, and it just knocked me out which is nice since I didn't feel anymore pain. For the last week and a half maybe I've been having pains on the right side of my pelvis like burning pains, so I assume it's just my hips widening but it hurts more when I wear underwear. So my question is, could this be my body preparing for labor? Or should I be worried and call my doctor right away? I'm 25 weeks I'll be 26 weeks on Thursday.