34 weeks and on bed rest for 3 more weeks.

Dealing with extreme pain from a condition I suffer from called ehlers danlos sydrome basically it causes chronic pain which I had pre pregnancy and the further along I've gotten the worse to a point where with strong pain medications I still hurt tremendously. I have 3 weeks to go and I'm just praying for God to help me through because I really want to have her on her due date because i know it's best for her even tho it's completely miserable for me but I know things could be much worse so I just have to count my blessings and thank yall who all post what there going through all the pregnant mommas because it encourages me and inspires me to keep pressing forward. This is my first(successful) baby and I have a new compassion for pregnant women because man its not for sissys lol that's forsure. Keep me in your prayers and I'll pray for yall too.