Fighting....does it ever end???

I feel like once we found out that I was pregnant, we have done nothing but fight! Am I the only one who is going through this? We were literally perfect before and now we never get along. I can't even tell you all that we fight about, we just seem to not like each other at all. I expected him to love on my belly, to talk to my belly, to rub it, to ask me about the baby, to help me more (I'm disabled, so disabled plus 25 weeks pregnant is not easy,) he doesn't try to feel him move or anything. I didn't expect this at all, he was thrilled about the pregnancy...happier than I was even. And now I can't ask him to do anything for me, can't cry or be emotional and I can't ask him to love on the baby because he will act annoyed. Who is this person and where did he come from?!

Has this happened to anyone else? I feel so alone 😭.