hey ladies! i am currently in middle school. and there's this girl. she acts like my friend sometimes but she also pushes me for no reason and she even slapped me today for no reason. it wasn't a huge deal because she didn't mean to do it hard but idk what her problem is. she always makes fun of my shoes which are birkenstocks & i don't know what her deal with me is. it honestly hurts really bad. i've even tried telling the principal but they don't do anything. they just don't care. my friend told me to punch her but she's kinda bigger & im 107 pounds and 5'6. i'm weak. she's strong. she'd obviously kill me. i was just wondering if y'all could give me any advice before i confront a parent. please no hate i know this isn't about periods or sexual things or anything like that, but i don't really have friends to talk to about this besides my boyfriend & he is strong and fights his way through every little argument with someone. thanks for your support idk what i'd do without this app!