Rotten dead meat smell pms

U ever had rotten dead meat smell before? I had them for two or three months. Now iam back to healthy red no smell anymore... i never forget the terrible smell i think that because i was wearing tampons and is blocking inside and then blood couldnt get out bso it got atuck until next month so i tried pad it got bad smell but i have to no tampons for bext next month again and i tried to eat normal and sleep normal and the baf snell isbgone and dead old blood is flush out. Becuz i didnt wear tampon. So i had let it go thru ... my theories, no tampons for 30s and up or u will end up rotten smell becuz u dont let yhe blood out of vaginna naturally so best thing to use pad for temporary and drink alot of water. And its works... i only wear tampon forbswimming pool thats it. Becuz its the body change when 30sbandbget older and the tanpon is kinda poision and 30s years old body already baody used to tampob for many years and body change and it seems need healthy wearing pad better than tampon becuznof blood flow block. So we dont want keep old blood inside body. So give tampons a break for few months. I never went to gyn ob dr for complain the smell. I just kind of figure it out on my own