what to do 😩😩

My husband had a job bringing in $800/900 a week. Then he got fired.
Now he got hired for a job that he can only work 40 hours and its $10/hour. That is no where near enough money. But no place that offers more will hire him, the first job was just luck. 
I cannot work, i am on permanent bedrest due to alot of complications with the pregnancy. Only supposed to get up to pee, eat and drink, and stretch really. 
We live very far away from family and friends, know nobody in the area. (We are literally out in the middle of no where). We have a child already that i need help to care for due to the complications so we arent sure he can get a second job. No daycares around. We got accepted to food assistance but we still dont have enough, we also have wic. Our bills are about $2000 without food, baby, and medical bills. 
We have cut everything we dont need out of iur budget and it lowered it alot but its still about $2000. What can we do? Anyone know of any at home jobs i can do?