Any other Moms out there that have had a VBAC? I've had 2 previous c-sections and am now trying for a VBAC. I'm extremely nervous and not sure what to expect. At 33 weeks they check his heartbeat and noticed it was above my belly button which they say is a sign of breech so they check him and he's head down ready to go. At 34 weeks he was measuring 40 weeks! I go back in two days to get checked up again but I'm getting more and more nervous the closer it gets to his due date because I don't know what all to expect.

UPDATE: He is still measuring ahead! They checked me today, 36w2d, to see if I've started to dilate any and we are at a 1! We'll be checked again next week to see how much progress I have made and I will be in the clear after next week to have the baby anytime! But I just received a phone call I didn't expect that they need to do another ultrasound of his heart because they said the other clinic I transferred from didn't get a good picture. I remember distinctly watching when we had his anatomy ultrasound because my 2nd born was born with pulmonary stenosis, that they didn't catch the whole time I was pregnant. So im super worried and concerned something might be wrong.