rough sex

I just need to keep this story somewhere safe to revisit when I'm alone and horny lol so here we go. I was laying in bed with my boyfriend and he was just laying his head on my stomach watching baseball on his phone. While watching baseball he just started running his hand along my torso and eventually started squeezing and massaging my boobs. Then went to lightly grazing my nipples and it felt amazing. He did that for a while still looking at baseball as I started getting wet and moaning and squirming. I thought that was gonna be the end of it pretty much but I was getting so wet I HAD to put my hand down my pants. I started unzipping and as I was doing that he turned off the lights, closed the blinds then pulled me to a sitting up kneeling position and got behind me and started grabbing my titts from behind and kissing my neck and pushing up against me. Then he whispers in my ear and tells me he's gonna fuck me until the game goes off. Bends me over, pulls my ass high in the air props his phone in the arch of my back and gets to eating me from being with long wet soft licks using his whole tongue then fucusing on my clit, gently tickling my asshole with his tongue then back to my pussy....then he starts fucking me with his long thick dick and tells me to shhhh(there were ppl downstairs). I can't so he pushes my face down into the bed and it makes me even wetter....then he fucks me harder and covers my mouth with his hands and leans down and whispers that he's gonna turn me over, I'm gonna open my mouth and he's gonna put his dick in it and duck my mouth and asked if that sounds good. I said yes daddy and then I heard footsteps coming up the stairs so I rushed to get dressed and we laughed and then he heard the other people close the door to that room and then he turns to me and says "what to do think you're doing? Pull your pants down, put your ass in the air and your face down" I do it and I'm soooooo turned on. He eats me then fucks me then whispers he forgot to fuck my face so he does and omg I love choking on his dick... the whole time he's watching the game and something about that made me feel like such a little slut and I loved it. Then he fucked me while I was on my back and I held the phone near my face so he could watch and see me at the same time and me taking it and holding it turned him on even more. He's giving me updates telling me how slow the games going and letting me know I have a lot more dick to take. He grabs my neck and chokes me while he fucks me hard and eventually slows down to make love to me and kiss me gently by not before luring me in for a kiss just to push my face into the sheets...I then had my way with him and we finished with him cumming on my face, I'm my mouth, my back, stomach and boobs :)