Misscariage 3 weeks ago? Any info please??

KaY • going to be a mummy to my boy Levi😘
I miscarried on my first pregnancy 3 weeks ago :'( I was 8 weeks. it was emotional and sad as I was looking forward to being a mummy. I'm getting past the sad stage so I feel a lot better now and know that I can always try again so its not the end of the world. But AF hasn't turned up yet :-/ I've stopped bleeding so I'm assuming I've passed everything and my body is working to get back to normal. I've had cramps and pains the past few days and had wet white CM, feels like ovulation pains to be honest.. I know Doc says wait til 1st AF before trying again but I've had unprotected sex since my bleeding stopped, could this be Ovulation what im having ?? Could I get pregnant before I even get AF.. Or is it just my body playing mad games