born 9/14 7lbs 7oz 20in long

I started getting contractions at 5am on Tuesday morning 9/13. They came right off the bat at 5 min apart. They weren't necesssrily painful, just annoying. But I was already 4 days past due so I kept track. For 2 hours they kept coming 5 min apart pretty consistent. Pain level was like a 3/10. I took a shower, curled my hair, cleaned up the house ect. We got to the hospital around 8am. They checked me and I was 4.5cm, 100% effaced with bulging waters. So I got admitted around 9am and just labored away. Time went by SO FAST. They started pitocin around 10am, upping the doseage  every hour. By 2pm they were coming back to back so they shut the pitocin off completely. They checked me again and I was still only 4.5cm but the pitocin was too much for me so they let me keep labeling on. I was walking around the room which felt good. At this point pain level was about a 5/10. Still walking and talking, it wasn't too bad. Around 6pm I got the epidural. My pain was still only about a 5. But she was going to break my water and talk about internal monitoring and I didn't want to feel it so I got the epi. It was beautiful! It didn't hurt at all, it was a weird cold feeling. As soon as I got it, the baby's heart rate dropped. They put me on my side with the oxygen mask and her best rate came back up. I had to use oxygen for the remainder of my labor. The epidural worked perfect. I couldn't feel any contractions, couldn't feel anything when they checked my cervix (which was a 7 now at 7pm). I could still move my legs on my own and feel my toes and everything, but no pain where I needed it. Anyways I slept on and off and at 1am it was time to push.  By now I could feel lots of pressure with every contraction. I could feel her moving down, which honestly was really cool. I pushed for 3 hours and 20 min. She was sideways which made things a little more difficult. I could feel the crowning and everything, but it wasn't "pain". It hurt because there was so much pressure. So. Much. Pressure. The monitor quit working so I had to push when I felt it, no help from nurses. It felt so instinctual and primitive it was awesome. She was finally born at 4:16am on 9/14.