Carter Thomas

Lyneshia • 19 ,due in September 💙👶🏽
Well My story starts off on Saturday the 17 , I went over to my aunts to walk up this huge hill and bounce on a yoga ball , well all that night I kept waking up every two hours because of pelvic pressure . Well I went to triage Sunday morning the 18th at 10:30 , I had contractions but my pelvic pain was not tolerable . So fast forward to 3  , they tell me I'm getting induced because his heartrate dropped for a few and didn't want to rush anything (39+1) so by the time I was hooked on the machine and everything was started it was around 4 and at 2 cm 50% effaced  well they broke my water around 4:30 and that got the ball rolling next time , the contractions were coming every 2 min lasting a min . So I got my epidural thank god lol and they checked me around 6 I was at 5 cm 80% effaced well I took a nap and they checked me again around 7:30 and I was at a 6 as soon as they were done I felt a lot of pressure by 8:15 I was 10 cm and 100% effaced so here comes the pushing ! Even though I got the epidural I felt the ring of fire and had the urge to push every time I had a contraction well at 8:53 my son Carter Thomas was born into this world :) 
He's literally such an angel I couldn't ask for more ! Good luck mommas on your journey !