Pregnant and babysitting jobs

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So I work in a grocery store and have since I was 16 I'm now 20 and I'm tired of grocery it's all the same crap. I want to work with children but the closest job near me isn't hiring until January and not even sure if I'll get the job then since I'm due the end of December. So for now I was thinking about Applying to babysitting jobs around my area there's one thats just amile away from me and willing to pay 15 an hour! I mean I could careless about that but like wow amazing, and she wants someone full time, this is everything I've been looking for. I love the job description and I would really like to do this for her. But, my main concern is would you hire someone that was pregnant? Should I put that in my application to her that I am 25 weeks pregnant? I feel like that's something you diffenetly need to tell someone that you'd be working for. When I start filling it out I stop and wonder if I should do it, if I'll even get it. Her daughter looks so sweet and she is just adorable! I would really like to work for this family. Any advice? Would you hire a babysitter that's pregnant?