Sex after birth?


So i need some advice here ladies. I'm almost 6 weeks postpartum now, and my partner is very much ready to resume our sex life. He's been extremely patient the last six weeks and accepted all my excuses of "i need to wait for the dr to clear me" or "im not on any contraception yet and we dont have any condoms" but that's now changed, He's gone and bought some and my excuses are wearing a bit thin.

It's not that i don't want to have sex, it's not that i've got not drive to, it's that frankly i'm fucking petrified of doing it!

I had a pretty good birth, it was quick, no complications and only a couple of grazes and one very small tear so no stitches, so its not that.

The only thing i can liken it to is that it feels like i did when i was thinking about losing my virginity, which sounds ridiculous to me but that's how it feels. That i know that really, everything will be okay, and that my partner is loving and caring and that if i tell him to stop he will, but that doesnt stop me being scared.

I can't possibly be the only one who's felt like this but anyone that has been through this, how did you overcome it?

Is it that i just need to take a 'rip the band aid off' attitude towards this and just get it over with? Am i psyching myself out worse by overthinking it?

Help please, i'd love to be able to get back to feeling like my body is not just there for the production of milk and that even though i pushed an 8 pound watermelon out of my body 6 weeks ago, that i can still be sexy, but im terrified!!