I have to say....worst comment YET!


Standing in the store getting my husbands dip for him...guy walks up, "what's your name?" I look at him funny...."brittany...barnes" he looks at me puzzled so I say "my maiden name is Christopher" he says "OH YEA I thought I knew you...your mom and dad is bobby and Teresa right? We used to go swimming at my aunts when we were little" I said "I'm really sorry...I don't recall"

He then says, "so....you married?" i look at my rings, look at my big ole belly..."yesss??" And I get "oh, congrats, so did you just get fat or are did you get pregnant?" I look at him for a second waiting for a laugh but he stands there very seriously and I said "uhm, I'm pregnant, 9 mos pregnant" and turn back to the cashier who is standing there staring at him puzzled as well and he walks out and says "welp, hope everything comes out ok!" So I just laughed and turned to the Man at the register to pay, he shakes his head and laughs and as I grab my bag and go to walk off and he says "now ya better go home and jump on that treadmill"😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

I for real lost it...just about peed myself in the middle of the store. Thank goodness for the cashier with a sence of humor!