Help with sex

Me and my boyfriend have been living together for a little bit over a year now. And we don't have good sex, ever. Idk if Its just me that has this problem. But wen I ask him about it, he says that he is satisfied. He always cums. He never last long. I told him bout how frustrated I am but it just seems to make things worst. So I don't even bring it up anymore. I have tried different things but nothing seems to work. I try to help him and show him how I like it, but he gets annoyed. Or I try to be sexy for him and try to foreplay, but I get the same result. I just don't know what to do. Idk if I'm just expecting too much or what. We only have sex about once a week. And its only 10 min or less. Every time I ask him to do stuff or have sex, it bothers him. Idk y it bothers him. He is not gay and he is not cheating. Help me. I'm so frustrated! Its always been like this