Really annoyed

Ok so a while back I bought this cool highchair with a attachable booster seat (It wasn't cheap) for our son. I lent it the highchair part to my parents for when they watch our son. Now my son is going through the terrible twos and wont sit still long enough to eat properly. So I texted my parents about getting the highchair back so we can strap him in for meals. My dad text back that they gave it to an old neighbor who had a kid not that long ago! I got the whole we told you that we did excuse (they never told me). Now I'm really annoyed. It wasn't theirs to give away. Now I feel like a bitch because I told them I wanted it back. We need it now for our son and we trying for baby #2 right now. I'm just really annoyed by the whole thing. I know who they gave it to because I gave them a practically brand new car seat (it was only used for a few short weeks) and now they have my F**king highchair. We make good money but a $150 is still a lot of money. 😤😤😤😤😤