Poll: Opinions: Would you be ok with?

The scenario: my husband goes into a room alone and closes the door so he can change pants. Three seconds later his sister decides to just open the door without knocking and walks in to talk to him, he continues to change while talking to her not asking her to get out or anything. 
Also later on in a car ride us three were in the back with him in the middle, he puts his hand on the inner part of her very upper thigh and keeps it there when she puts her arm around him for a hug. She was also wearing very short shorts so it was bare skin to skin not that it would matter either way if she'd been wearing long jeans. 
My question: would you allow your brother to do this to you or would you do this to your brother? Or would you change in front of your sister or walk in on your brother knowing hes changing?? I assume your answer would be the same for both either way. If not feel free to comment.
I personally find this disturbing and inappropriate behavior between a brother and sister no matter how close you are. My husband finds nothing wrong with it. There are other things that happen that are similar to this as well. Am I wrong or do you agree? Everyone I have talked to thusfar agree it is inappropriate. 

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