Ex in delivery room? UPDATED

My posts keep getting deleted... Here's my rant again 
We recently broke up because I just felt like he was very unsupportive and still do. He's emotionally detached and I was constantly feeling like I was struggling and lonely. My dilemma is that I feel like I'm still very vulnerable and just trying to move on. He expects to be there but I just don't see the point. I'd like to have a positive experience giving birth to our daughter and I feel like him being there would just make things tense. I think I might just allow him to visit with her once she's born in the nursery but I'm not expecting him to take it well. 
I feel like I should give a bit of back story since some of the comments are back and forth. Yes I agree we both chose to bring this baby into the world and ironically it was actually planned. We both wanted a family and we both wanted our kids to be close in age. Since I've been pregnant a second time his focus shifted. He's involved when he wants to be only. If I don't text him I won't hear from him at all or even then my questions/concerns about our son go completely ignored. From the moment I broke up with him he has not initiated any contact with me at all and even today when I picked up our son he cowards in his room and sends his parents instead of bringing him out himself. This is why I feel this way. I understand this is a beautiful once in a lifetime experience he will miss out on but he himself is choosing to be disconnected with us. I do not feel like I should be the only one putting in any effort to "come to terms" or find a middle ground and I just don't feel like I should sacrifice my own positive experience including him when we are very obviously not as important to him as we should be.