any other teen moms?

Claudia • A'riya Skye Due In Winter Of 2017 ❄️️🎀Its your world princess 💜👑
I'm 16,I'm Due In March Of 2017 I'm Still In High School And HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS Can be BULLIES Everyone just recently found out that I'm prego and I hear little whispers when I walk by people look at me differently now . I can't understand why? I'm  16 i know I'm young but girls my age are doing the same thing I was doing but haven't gotten pregnant yet . I just feel so much pressure and stress right now girls laughing at me, calling me all kinds of names I don't get it 😒I've never been the type to care what people say about me but I'm confused. Any other teens on here pregnant? I know I'm not alone? I just need someone to talk to who can relate. I'm Staying strong for my little peanut 👶🏽 I'm hoping for a Baby Girl 💜. Sorry for the long book I just had to rant