terrified to say I'm pregnant *long read*

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My DH and I got married 7.30.16 and immediately started trying. I was ovulating on our wedding night so we went right to it. No luck the first month, but the second month worked. My last period was 8.14.16 - making me 5 weeks 2 days (ish). I have taken a million tests, dip sticks & digis. All positive, no questions asked. I am OVER THE MOON, don't get me wrong. But I am terrified to tell the people closest to me (our parents, more specifically) that I'm pregnant. I have waves of mild nausea, some morning sickness on random days, exhausted constantly, very light, random cramping (more like tugging, pulling), I think my boobs doubled in size overnight, I have veins popping up making my chest look like a roadmap. No bleeding, no painful cramping, nothing. The signs are all there - I'm pregnant. Yet, I don't think I trust that I'm pregnant until my doctor says YEP, you're pregnant. My husband wanted to tell our parents the great news this weekend, but I'm still dragging my feet. I don't want to tell them YOURE GOING TO BE GRANDPARENTS to turn around two weeks later and say, JK! My appointment is October 4th which is why I said two weeks. 
This is our first pregnancy, and I am trying so hard to enjoy every day of this. And believe me, I am thanking the sweet Lord about for every single day that I am pregnant 🙌🏼. But I made a huge mistake reading about missed miscarriages. WHY IS THE INTERWEBS SUCH A SCARY PLACE FOR A PREGNANT WOMAN?!?
Long story short, when did you tell your closest family/ loved ones that you were expecting? Should I just wait until after our appointment to let them know? SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT TO DO; I'm trapped in a glass case of emotion 😝