Husband not home

Right now its 5 am in the morning my husband is still out I've been trying to call him like 15 times no answer last week I was talking to my mam on the telephone and my mob was silent he came and remove the telephone and throw it in a skip he only call me once on my mob but becaus it wad silent I didn't hear it.this week one of my family member had a surprise party and my family invite us he doesn't want to cone cis he didn't get along with them and told him that I should go then told me if u go I will go for a holiday where my sister is.and I was the only one The only one that i wasn't there.yesterday he had an exam and pass and I told him let's go celebrate and told me he had work to do at around 8.30pm I called to buy bread and he told me he's going to buy a take away i said ok and went to sleep on empty stomach I called him at 1 30 nothing I'm pregnant with our first this is not the first time that he do thus and then he doesn't came to bed he sleeps on the sofa last time I was walking near his garage after a night not in house and I saw his car and he was sleeping in there I'm really tired of this.