Obgyn messed up my birth control...


I have been on birth control for 2 months. Come to find out I was on a dosage that wasn't at all protecting against pregnancy. Like not even 1% protection. So my boyfriend and I haven't been the most careful. So I called my doctor and she said stop the birth control and wait for my period to come and if it doesn't she has to do testing. We have a 6 month old and are no where close to ready to have another. We would be okay with it but there would be A LOT of adjusting to our lives. She said give it a week to show up since it's due October 1st she said stopping the birth control will make it come sooner. So giving it a week should be enough time... so 3 days ago I talked to her... 4 more days of waiting.. my boyfriend and I are just doing our normal thing but being extremely careful.

His main comment was "if you're pregnant I'm going to be happy but pissed off that we didn't try and I didn't get to actually bust in you fully" Like really that's the thing you're worried about

UPDATE: I know how babies are made I have a child lol we know the consequences and I know birth control isn't 100% protective as well. I mean shit I'm walking proof of that. My mom was on depo and got pregnant with me. I'm not saying it's a mistake or I'm worried about being pregnant.. I'm more irritated at the fact I was taking that shit religiously and responsibly and it wasn't doing anything anyways.. like I wasted my time plus may have another surprise baby. (Not a mistake or unplanned. It's a surprise baby. Our daughter is our beautiful surprise baby as well)

Also I'm 20 years old and he's 23. We aren't like most of the people who have unprotected sex then say omg I don't want to be pregnant. We just weren't really planning on having another until our daughter was 1 or so.