Nicole • 29 years old. Married for 2 years. TTC for 18 months and counting; 1 angel baby. Ben arrived 9/18/17 (5 weeks early)
Okay ladies, I track my ovulation using Wondfo ovulation strips. This past month I tested daily never seeing a true positive. I got what I thoight was pretty close but not quite there at one point. At least I think that's the case. I am currently on cycle day 32 and 6dpo according to Glow. The past few days I have had what I believe to be fertile CM and quite a bit of it, so Out of curiosity I took a new OPK and it was full on positive. Normally my cycle is 29 days long with last month going to day 37 so I know that there is a chance I am not late yet at all. My question is could I possibly be ovulating this late? 
These are my months testing. I gave up on day 23 of no positive.
This is the test from last night.