Is it okay for no one to tell you when a parent is in the hospital?

My dad is 83 and my mom is 70 currently undergoing radiation and chemo for stage 3 lung cancer. I live a 1000 miles away from on them (they moved away when my dad retired).

My sisters both divorced and ended up moving in with them when I could no longer help them out financially... So my parents took over.

Before my sisters moved in with my parents, I'd go up to take care of it help my parents whenever they needed it, even if it meant dropping everything, which having a kid and business is no easy feat. I still visit twice a year (and have since my son was born), but since their kids are all grown I thought it'd be nice to have them there to help my parents. I let both sisters know I'd support them with whatever is needed.

In the past few years my dad has been gravely ill twice in the hospital and no one was sure he'd make it. I found out after the fact both times...via facebook message. When my mom was sick in the hospital from what turned out to be cancer, I found out a week later from my dad. My mom just now sent my husband a message asking why didn't I call because she was in the hospital with heart problems? I left a message Monday and sent emails, but never heard back from anyone.

Am I doing this wrong? I call once a week and email almost daily. My son is special needs are requires a lot of care, so I do the best I can with communication. But somehow my sisters and mom apparently think I'm a bad daughter for not calling, only emailing.

And I'm at my wits end. My parents aren't going to live forever and I'm terribly worried when the time comes, no one will tell me. I have said this several times to my parents and sisters, but it appears it's not a big deal to them. Am I overreacting?

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