SO just frustrates me sometimes πŸ™„

I have an extremely high sex drive. My SO does not and I respect that. We usually have sex maybe once a week. Which is extremely frustrating for me. Last time we had sex I asked him and he says "all you ever want is dick" playfully. But it upset me and I said fine. Goodnight. That turned into a two hour arguement; which ended in sex. Tonight I snuggle up and say " let's have sex tonight" and again he says "all you ever want is the dick" so I said it wasn't even worth it. Goodnight. He rolls over and passes out. Just so frustrating. I work. I cook dinner every single night. Keep this house spotless. Make sure he has lunch to take to work everyday. We play on a kickball league. I run this household. In turn, I just want the booty. Ugh just hoping I get some before AF arrives.Β